Budget busting and balancing for the U.S. government

A well-known phrase often credited to Benjamin Franklin in the early days of our country (though its origins are actually much earlier) states that “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” And this certainly remains true, as every spring just like clockwork, we faithfully fill out and submit our state and federal taxes, and bemoan any money owed, or celebrate any unexpected returns. But with a U.S. federal budget topping $2 trillion … wait how many zeros is that? … it would be nice to know a little more about exactly how the…

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Special Edition of Resoundingly Human Featuring Congressman Jerry McNerney, PhD, Co-Chair of the Congressional Artificial Intelligence Caucus

In this episode, a first for the Resoundingly Human podcast, I am joined by Congressman Jerry McNerney, a Member of Congress representing California’s 9th congressional district and co-chair of the Congressional Artificial Intelligence Caucus. Congressman McNerney, who holds the distinction as the only member of Congress with a PhD degree, is a member of two congressional committees that impact the technology, science, and analytics policy space – the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

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The 2019 Government & Analytics Summit

In 2018, INFORMS launched a new advocacy initiative to raise awareness with decision makers in Washington on the application and impact of O.R. and analytics. This initiative includes an annual Government & Analytics Summit that invites policymakers from Capitol Hill, federal agencies and other policy stakeholders to learn about exciting and impactful ways in which these scientific and mathematical processes are being used to save lives, save money and solve problems in the public and private sectors. Joining me for this episode to discuss this year’s Summit is Laura Albert, Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs in the College of Engineering…

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