Digital twins: Twice the fun (and insights!)

Move over AI and supply chain, there’s a new buzzword in town! Digital twin, a term that’s been popping up more and more in mainstream media in recent months. But what is digital twin technology? Basically, it’s using data to create a digital version of a real world, physical object, process or system for a wide range of purposes. Now that’s a pretty basic explanation of what really is pretty complex technology, so today I’m joined by Michael Heiner, with Heiner Innovation Company, who will help us take a deeper dive into digital twin technology, what it is, why it has recently found itself in the spotlight, the potential for future developments and what makes him excited about the work he is doing in this space.

You can go to the doctor’s office and your well visit is now a scan of your body. You get rigged up with sensors and they can create a digital twin of you and that’s why I think the definition of digital twin has evolved to not necessarily something that was manufactured, depending on your definition of manufactured, but to anything in the real world and especially with organic matter and human bodies.

Interviewed this episode:

Michael Heiner

Heiner Innovation Company

Michael Heiner is an independent researcher and consultant specializing in emerging technologies. With a primary focus on quantum computing and digital twins, his research delves into the dynamic relationship between these fields. Michael possesses a strong professional background in people analytics, having applied his expertise to both the education and healthcare industries. His Master’s studies concentrated on cutting-edge technologies, including AI, blockchain, gamification, and quantum computing. Presently, he is working on an innovative project that leverages quantum computing algorithms to redefine modern business intelligence, by creating digital twins of entire organizations.

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