Bias and social media: What’s the impact on your screen time?

I think many of us will admit that, in our current environment of social distancing, we are spending even more time online, in particular on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. These sites, and the content we see, whether a shared article, comment, ad, or post from a friend or relative, are often controlled by an algorithm which, though based on our preferences and past behavior, can also be subject to bias. This takes on a more significant importance when you consider the impact this content, and how we interact with it, can have on our thoughts,…

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2019 Business Analytics Conference: Ted Allen

This podcast, part of a series recorded at the 2019 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference in Austin, TX, features Ted Allen, associate professor in the Integrated Systems Engineering Department at The Ohio State University and president of the Social Media Analytics Section of INFORMS. His presentation, “Analyzing Social Media Data to Identify Cybersecurity Threats: Decision-Making with Real-Time Data,” explores the role of social media in identifying and addressing emerging cybersecurity breaches, something that is experienced by nearly 30 percent of businesses in the U.S.

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