A year of exciting milestones and unique challenges

Nearly a year ago, I interviewed the 2020 INFORMS President Pinar Keskinocak as she stepped into her new leadership role with INFORMS, to discuss her goals and objectives for the year ahead. Then, well … 2020 happened, complete with a global pandemic, social distancing, a transition to remote working and learning, and so many other challenges. As we prepare to (thankfully) say goodbye to 2020, Pinar joins me again to take a look back over the past year and its many challenges, but also, some incredible milestones for INFORMS. In addition, we’ll look ahead to 2021 and how the work…

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Navigating the COVID-19 landscape with the 2020 INFORMS President

When I last spoke with 2020 INFORMS President Pinar Keskinocak, it was the beginning of the year, and the worldwide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic had not yet been realized. It has only been a few months since then, but it feels like a lifetime. And we are only halfway through the year! Needless to say, 2020 has thrown some unexpected challenges to all of us, in how we live and work. I am once again joined by Pinar to discuss the year so far and the role that O.R. and analytics has played in helping the world address many…

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Looking ahead with the 2020 INFORMS president

It’s a brand new year at INFORMS and we are all looking forward to an incredible 2020, especially as this year marks the 25th anniversary of INFORMS! In this episode, I am joined by the 2020 INFORMS President Pinar Keskinocak, to discuss her goals and objectives over the coming year. 

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Combatting disasters to save lives, save money and solve problem

From hurricanes and earthquakes, to conflict and disease, these disasters, both man-made and natural, can have a devastating impact causing millions, and even billions in damages, while greatly impacting the lives, health and well-being of the affected populations. But how can we prepare for or respond to events that often can’t be predicted, nor their true impact estimated, in order to save lives, save money, and solve the myriad problems that come as a result? The answer: operations research and analytics. Joining me for this episode is Pinar Keskinocak, the 2019 INFORMS President-elect, professor with the Georgia Institute of Technology,…

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