Charisma: A professional tool worth its weight in gold

We’ve all seen movies that contain a pivotal moment when characters are united in a cause or moved to action, all as the result of an impassioned speech from a leading character. The music builds as the words of this character flow forth, everyone’s eyes are fixed on them until finally there is a collective cheer as they come together to tackle a challenge, or their spirits are reignited for a seemingly lost cause, or they plunge headfirst into battle or some other dangerous endeavor, with no other incentive than these persuasive words. But again, that’s the movies. Can the…

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The Science of Persuasion

While often referred to as the “art of persuasion,” my guest for this episode shares that there is actually a science behind persuasion and will provide insight into how and why it works. Joining me is Dean Hartley, principal of Hartley Consulting, to discuss his article in the June 2019 issue of OR/MS Today magazine, “Persuasion Wars, Part 1,“ which looks at how and why persuasion works, and its uses and misuses throughout history. 

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