ChatGPT: Where did it come from and where is it taking us?

It feels like in the blink of an eye, ChatGPT is everywhere. This AI-driven natural language processing tool can answer questions and help you create written content at lightning speed and is proving a valuable tool that is transforming content creation across the board. But where the heck did it come from?! How long has this technology actually been around? And while this is a fantastic tool, as with all things, is there the potential that this technology that could be leveraged negatively? Joining me from Temple University is Subodha Kumar, to share special insight on how ChatGPT came to…

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Ethics in Data

At the heart of both operations research and analytics, the key to all of the incredible research and applications, is data. Every day, O.R. and analytics professionals use data from sources around the world to provide valuable insight that is used to save lives, save money and solve problems. However, with a steady news stream of data breaches or misuse of often personal information from trusted sources many of us use everyday, such as Facebook, Target, and even healthcare providers, these incidents are becoming part of a much larger conversation regarding data security and the ethical use of data. Joining me…

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