Navigating public water infrastructure disruptions (and NSF funding!)

My guest for today’s interview is Shima Mohebbi, with the Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research at George Mason University who recently completed a collaborative National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded study that explored how to improve community and infrastructure resiliency by better understanding and identifying the underlying dynamics and causal relationships to improve responses during disruptions, with a focus on mobility and public water resources.

We’ll be taking a look not only at her work, but sharing some insight on the experience of receiving (NSF) funding to support your research. 

Recent tornadoes in Mississippi and numerous hurricanes, such as Irma and Harvey, are an example of service disruptions in critical infrastructure systems which affected thousands of people and marginalized communities.

Interviewed this episode:

Shima Mohebbi

George Mason University

Shima Mohebbi is an assistant professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research, and affiliate faculty of Computer Science at George Mason University. Shima is also a core faculty of C-RASC (Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities) at Mason. Her research interests include game theory, simulation, network optimization, and machine learning with applications in resilient infrastructure systems, sustainable water systems, and smart and connected communities. Shima has collaborated across disciplines including civil engineering, computer science, social science, and geoinformation science. She received her PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and her second master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Tennessee. Her research is supported by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Shima has served as a board director in the Modeling and Simulation Division of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers for two terms, and is passionate about engineering education and outreach activities. In her spare time, Shima enjoys playing the piano and is an outdoor enthusiast.

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