Leveraging simulation to increase access to sexual and reproductive health services

This week’s podcast is an incredible example of the power of O.R. and analytics to unite and empower people and communities across the globe, and I’m excited and honored to share this story with you! I’m joined by Andrew Wylie, a simulation consultant at Simul8 Corporation which develops simulation software to provide unique, evidence-based approaches to decision making, and William Taylor, head of operations at Shout-It-Now, which uses innovative approaches to provide South African communities with free sexual and reproductive health services. We’ll be discussing the unique partnership between these two organizations, which is leveraging O.R. and analytics to make…

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The dangers of overcrowding: Helping ICUs preserve essential bed space

As the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic continues, supply shortages are something we are all facing, none with a more critical impact than those involving hospitals and healthcare workers. We’ve heard of the shortages of personal protective equipment or PPE, like face masks and gloves, and the lack of an adequate number of ventilators for the most seriously ill patients. But as the number of cities and communities impacted by the virus continues to grow, what do hospitals do when there are more patients in their ICUs than beds to hold them along with the accompanying monitoring and life-saving equipment? To…

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