The new Nobel: INFORMS member awarded top AI prize

On this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with an INFORMS member whose work is truly Saving Lives, Saving Money, and Solving Problems. Cynthia Rudin, professor of computer science and engineering at Duke University, has been awarded the 2021 Squirrel AI Award for Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity, an honor considered to be the New Nobel Prize. This award recognizes positive impacts of artificial intelligence to protect, enhance, and improve human life in meaningful ways with long-lived effects. In particular, her work with Con Edison, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Cambridge Police Department played a key role in…

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Predicting seizures, protecting patients

Some of the most impactful applications of O.R. and analytics are those in the medical field, improving patient outcomes and saving lives. Joining me for this episode are Cynthia Rudin, professor of computer science, electrical and computer engineering and statistical science at Duke University’s Prediction Analysis Lab and Dr. Aaron Struck, a neurologist with the Department of Neurology at the University of Wisconsin. They were members of a multi-university research team whose work on predicting damaging seizures in brain injury patients was recognized with the 2019 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award, presented earlier this year at the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.

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