2020 Franz Edelman Award finalist Carnival Corporation & plc.

This podcast is part of a series highlighting the finalist teams of the 2020 INFORMS Franz Edelman Award. We will be releasing these episodes in the countdown to the Franz Edelman Award competition on September 29. Joining me for this episode are John Harvey Director of Revenue Science for Holland America Line, and Kristina Kaylen, Director of Group Revenue Performance at Carnival Corporation to discuss the finalist entry from Carnival Corporation & PLC for the 2020 Franz Edelman Award.

When we started looking at the revenue management system options, we identified that existing off-the-shelf solutions were not particularly compatible with the unique nature of the cruise business and certainly the way we operate. So as we wanted to own our own system and the code behind it, we partnered with Revenue Analytics to design and deliver a system that was customized to our needs.

Interviewed this episode:

John Harvey, Kristina Kaylen

Carnival Corporation

John Harvey works for Holland America Line as Director of Revenue Science, having recently been in a similar capacity at Carnival UK as Senior Manager of Revenue Science. This role closely involves validation and introduction of new levels of scientific and mathematical method into forecasting and optimisation processes. He has previously worked at JDA as a Senior Specialist in Revenue Management Systems, and prior to that as an Operations Research Consultant in a similar capacity at Thomas Cook.

Prior to working for Thomas Cook, h3 spent four years at Warwick University studying MMORSE to give him understanding of as many different applications of statistics and mathematics as possible, where he became especially interested in both financial theory and statistical inference. During this time his dissertation centered on statistical inference techniques and its applications in meta-analysis and clinical trials.

Kristina Kaylen is the Senior Director of Strategy at Carnival Corporation.