Exploring global health security and healthcare supply chains at #INFORMS2022

Special series featuring in-person interviews from #INFORMS2022 in Indianapolis! I was delighted to be joined in person in Indianapolis at the 2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting by Prashant Yadav with INSEAD. He was a keynote presenter at this year’s Annual Meeting, “Global Health Security and Healthcare Supply Chains: Perspectives and Opportunities for Operations Research,” and he kindly took some time out of his busy meeting schedule to sit down with me and explore the topic of his presentation.

Adjuvants are things we add to vaccines to enhance their immune response properties. We get adjuvants that come from Chile, because some of them are still naturally occurring substances that only occur in the soapbark tree which at this point is native only to Chile. So that’s one example, the other is some other adjuvants come from shark liver oil, and shark liver oil as you would image is only in certain parts of the world. So I think it has reminded us that supply chains for health products, whether we only use it for ourselves or anywhere else in the world, are intrinsically very global.

Interviewed this episode:

Prashant Yadav


Prashant Yadav is a globally recognized scholar in the area of healthcare supply chains. He is an Affiliate Professor at INSEAD, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School. He is the author of many peer-reviewed scientific publications and his work has also been featured in prominent print and broadcast media such as the BBC, New York Times, CNN, Financial Times, WSJ and NPR. In addition to his roles in academia and think-tank, Prashant serves on the boards of many health and development focused companies. In his previous roles Prashant has worked as Strategy Leader-Supply Chain at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Vice President of Healthcare at the William Davidson Institute and Faculty at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan; Professor of Supply Chain Management at the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program and Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. Yadav has been asked for expert testimony on medicine supply chains in the US Congress and Parliaments/Legislative bodies of many countries He works closely with and advises many country governments, and philanthropic organizations on healthcare supply chain strategy. Yadav trained as a Chemical Engineer and obtained his PhD in Management Science & Operations Research.


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