2024 Franz Edelman Award finalist: Transvision

Welcome to the latest episode of Resoundingly Human, the podcast brought to you by INFORMS, the leading association for professionals and students who apply science, math, technology, and analytics to make smarter decisions for a better world.  I’m your host Ashley K. and thank you for joining me for the next episode in a special series highlighting the 2024 Franz Edelman Award finalist teams!

The Franz Edelman Award is presented each year to an organization that has made a transformative contribution to society, all with the power of advanced analytics. In the leadup to the 2024 INFORMS Analytics Conference in sunny Orlando this April, we’ll be highlighting the incredible contributions of this year’s finalists. The winner will be announced at the conference, during the Edelman Gala.

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with representatives of the Edelman Award finalist team from Transvision to share some special insight into their project, which developed an analytics solution to improve mobility for elderly and disabled citizens in the Netherlands.

You have to take into account that we are not moving pieces or parcels, but elderly and disabled people with emotions. The implementation was challenging, especially integrating the new operations research solution with the existing systems of our subcontractors and ensuring they were onboard with the new process. However, through close collaboration, elaborate testing, piloting, and continuous feedback, we managed to rather smoothly transition to the new system and we keep evolving the solution to meet today’s challenges, which is easier with the new system.

Interviewed this episode:

Laurens van Remortele and Frans de Ruiter


Laurens van Remortele is CEO at Transvision B.V.

Frans de Ruiter is a research scientist at Wageningen University and Research and senior analytics consultant at CQM.

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